We at FCCRepair know that accidents happen, and we want our customers to know that when they happen, we've got your back.  For most items, if you break your device again within six months of having it repaired by FCCRepair, we will give you an automatic 25% discount from the original repair price.  

 What does the Re-Break Guarantee Cover?

Broken Screens
Charge Ports
Battery Doors
Button Components
Computer Screens
Tablet Screens

What does the Re-Break Guarantee Not Cover?

Physical Labor
Liquid Damage
Virus Removal
Software Restores
Software Crashes
Memory Upgrades
Device Purchases


The FCCRepair Re-Break Guarantee covers any part that was replaced within six months.  The starting date is the day the device was picked up and payment received.  The Re-Break Guarantee only covers the device that was originally worked on and is tracked by the device IMEI, MEID, or serial number.  FCCRepair reserves the right to adjust it's warranty policy and Re-Break Guarantee at any time.  If the Guarantee program was ever discontinued, we would still guarantee products that were intially part of the program.  Only future repairs would be affected.